Harrisburg man accused of deadly shooting says he didn’t know gun was loaded

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2013-02-01523 Maurice Belton, Jr.

Maurice Belton Jr.

A man who was shot to death in Harrisburg late Sunday night has been identified by authorities as 21-year-old Davion Walker, a Midtown resident.

Walker was found dead on the basement floor of a home along the 1300 block of North 15th Street. He had been shot once in the chest, police said.

Investigators have arrested and charged Maurice Belton Jr., , 20, of Harrisburg,  with criminal homicide, tampering with evidence, receiving stolen property, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Belton was showing Walker a gun when he was shot, police said. Belton told investigators he didn’t realize the gun was loaded when he pointed it at Walker and pulled the trigger.

The gun was reported stolen.



  • GetReal

    Really? I didn't realize that in order to "show" someone a gun you had to pull the trigger. Doesn't really sound like an accident.

  • Nichole

    He looks high…. And smiling like he is proud of a job he did….. Ugh….. What is going on with this world??? Disgusting…..

  • nisha

    It is an old pic but not from a previous arrest! He was NEVER arrested before this! This pic is from his old work badge so everybody needs to stfu! And he probably was high…so what! You act like you dont get high or know someone who does! Thats beside the point! Davion was his best friend and it was an accident! Period…!!

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