Candlelight vigil for Lancaster City fire victims

Relatives, friends and neighbors gather in front of the rowhome in the 200 block of East Madison street where a 38-year-old city woman and her 6-year-old niece died in an early morning fire.  About 50 people gathered at around 7 o’clock Monday evening for the emotional candlelight vigil in front of the now boarded up home .

Candle Vigil2

Three firefighters were injured fighting the fire.  Andre Kelly is in critical but stable condition at Crozer-Chester Medical Center.  The other two firefighters, Tom Benders and Craig Robertson were treated for minor injuries.

Candle Vigil3


  • Al P

    Candle vigils accomplish exactly nothing. If you want to feel good and help make sure fires don't happen, have smoke detectors and maintain them. Don't overload circuits especially old ones in old buildings. Don't ever put a heater near furniture and don't leave heaters unattended. Don't store flammables and oily rags. Don't smoke in bed or when and where you can fall asleep. Have an escape plan. Do buy a fire extinguisher for the kitchen and check it once a year. Get your chimney cleaned if you have a wood stove and do that twice a year. As to candles, keep them in plain view. Oh, yes……exercise common sense.

    • Kenny T

      Maybe candle vigils do nothing for you, but for families that are grieving, it is a way of showing respect for loved ones. How you could be so insensitive to post your comment is beyond me. I pray that you never lose a loved one by an accident.

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