York County Native Stars In Money Barn

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It seems Lancaster County is becoming a gold mine for reality television shows, first with Amish Mafia and now the new hit show Money Barn. So far five episodes have aired on Animal Planet. “They know that Lancaster County and York County and all of Pennsylvania is really rich with barn history and there’s tons of old barns,” said Mike Adcock, who stars as an auctioneer on the show.

York County native Mike Adcock stars as one of four auctioneers on the show. “Producers for the show sent an email to the PA auctioneer’s Association looking for resumes from auctioneers.   I sent in a resume which was a little bit late.  I guess that was lucky for me because it kind of stuck out and they asked me to come in, do a quick interview and from there they signed me on to do a pilot episode. That was sold and a month later we were filming five episodes just like that,” said Adcock.

The show is filmed all around the Keystone State and surrounding states, with several scenes coming from Lancaster County. The show features four auctioneers as they travel around to different barns and try to sell everything inside. “We go in, we have 20 minutes inside of the barns. We get an estimated total of what we think is inside of that barn. We come out, put together our estimates and then we pitch it to the seller. The seller then decides between the four auctioneers who is best qualified to sell their stuff or who they think is going to get them the most money,” said Adcock. “We’re really put under the gun, because if we don’t perform we could flop on live television and not meet our reserve and make no  money at all.”

Adcock started out auctioning cars through his family business. “Normally I work at a lot of car auctions throughout the New Jersey and Pennsylvania region. And usually the biggest sale I work is the Manheim Auto Auction. My father has been doing it since he was eight years old, and I’ve been doing it since I was 18. So it just kind of falls in line with the family. We have a family that is full of them. We have aunts, uncles, cousins brothers, nephews, everybody is an auctioneer in our family,” said Adcock.

Although his background is in auctioning cars Adcock enjoys his new line of work. “I have the help of obviously the internet and I also have some of that knowledge from digging through some of that stuff in the past. I use the internet to figure out what you don’t know like some of the paintings and stuff like that. But as far as some of the other stuff like the farm equipment and the cars, I definitely know,” said Adcock.

Adcock hopes the show is picked up for a full first season. “To be able to go in and check out these old barns, see these old relics and try to sell them it’s such a challenge for me that it makes it really fun. I love selling cars and that’s where my bread and butter comes from, but I really enjoy getting out there and doing something different. Everything you see on these shows is real. It’s not like we planted this stuff in the barn. We go in there and we have no idea what to expect. And when we get the numbers, that’s the actual number of the sale. So if we fail, it’s not like they just made it seem like we failed, we’ve actually failed,” said Adcock.


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