Upper Dauphin High School student expelled for making shooting threat

Extra police presence is being felt at Upper Dauphin High School  after a student threatened to shoot another student.  State police were able to identify the student and he has been expelled as a precautionary measure.

Troopers were notified on Monday night about a text circulating through the student body regarding a pupil threatening  to shoot another student. Investigators say the teen had been the target of bullying at the school during lunch on Friday. The student who is accused of making the threat approached another juvenile who he thought was talking about him and tried to start a fight. During the altercation the student said “I’m going to CLAP you.” State police say “clap” is a term that is used to define shooting someone or something.   Teachers intervened and stopped the fight.

School officials turned to state police to take necessary precautions after rumors began to swirl on Facebook and other social media  over the weekend.

State police are not identifying the student because he is a juvenile.

The District Attorney’s office is being consulted as to whether or not charges will be filed.