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Car crashes into grocery store in Warwick Township


One person was injured after a car crashed into a grocery store in Lancaster County. It happened just before 2 p.m. at the Green Hill Farm Discount Grocer along the 600 block of East Newport Road in Warwick Township.

Police say an elderly woman crashed into the building after she mistakenly put the car into drive while backing out of a parking space. She was taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

The woman’s husband was in the passenger seat and was uninjured.

The grocery store remains open as crews work to remove the vehicle.


1 Comment to “Car crashes into grocery store in Warwick Township”

    BOB said:
    March 8, 2013 at 4:12 PM

    that dont surprise i guess dont know what drive reverse isss. i still say they need retest at 60 every 2 yrs afterward . AND DONT MAKE IT SO HARD TO HAVE DRIVER LICENSE REVOKEDDDD

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