Teens charged in ‘gallon smashing’ incident at Wegmans

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Employees at the Wegmans in Silver Spring Township had quite the mess to clean up after two 17 year-old males attempted to create their own version of the viral video trend called “gallon smashing.”

Gallon Smashing‘ is the act in which pranksters pretend to trip and fall in a grocery store while carrying milk or juice.  The falls are completely fake and pranksters trick bystanders into thinking they are actually hurt.

Both juveniles will be charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, police said.

Wegmans apologized to customers who were inconvenienced by the incident on their facebook page.

Employees put down caution signs as they worked to clean up after the messy milk stunt.

The teens were also responsible for a similar incident at the Giant in Camp Hill earlier Friday morning.


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