Governor Corbett Comments on Recommendation to Penn State Board

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Governor Tom Corbett today issued the following statement regarding the proposed governance changes on the Penn State University’s Board of Trustees.

The governor’s statement read as follows:

“Dear Fellow Board Members,

“As we take this time to examine and update the governing body of this great institution, I believe that it is time to make the governor’s role at Penn State a non-voting ex-officio member.

“Penn State University has been, and will always be, one of our commonwealth’s premier learning institutions. The governor’s role on Penn State’s Board of Trustees, while an honor, should be just that – honorary.

“I support the other recommendations of the Committee on Governance and Long-Range Planning and I look forward to the committee’s other work to strengthen Penn State University for its students now and in the years to come.’’

On Thursday, the Committee on Governance and Long-Range Planning voted on a number of recommendations, which were presented to the Board of Trustees today in Hershey. The Board of Trustees will vote on the committee’s recommendations at the May meeting.

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  • Wil

    He shouldn’t be even on the board, just a disgrace to humanity, he was the major contributor to covering up the Sandusky case. He should be charged and removed from office.

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    Conflict of interest for any governor to be on this board in any way. It is not a state-related college. A governor should be integral to a state's colleges only.

  • Rightbackatcha

    @howignorantru: PA taxpayers support psu with hundreds of millions of dollars every year. So yes, it is state related. If you don't want to be, we would gladly spend that money elsewhere.

    @wil: evidence please? I have yet to see one person run forward with anoint other than an accusation and that includes ms. kane.

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