Speed trap signs drawing attention

It’s not everyday you see signs warning of a police speed trap, and it’s not everyday that police think it’s a good idea.  Steve Kline posted two signs that say “speed trap” after getting a hefty ticket from police. “I was pulled over because I did not have my headlights on in the daylight. Once I got the fines I came home directly, and obviously very irritated, and just immediately started putting up speed trap signs to put an end to the speed trap out here,” said Steve Kline. Kline says it was not raining and plans to fight his ticket in court.

The signs are set up along Springwood Road heading into Yoe borough. The speed limit along the road changes from 40 mph to 25 mph. Police often sit nearby and pull over people who do not slow down.

“We’ve seen roughly probably close to four or five hundred people pulled over here,” said Kline. He feels police should make themselves noticeable to drivers when trying to get them to slow down instead of being tucked behind cars.

You would think police wouldn’t appreciate the gesture but that isn’t the case.

“This guy is doing our job for us. In retaliation it may be, but he’s actually getting our message out there inadvertently,” said Sergent Jeff Dunbar with York Area Regional Police. “The fact that he has these huge signs out there saying speed trap ahead, he’s slowing traffic down. That’s exactly what we want people to do.”

Dunbar says the signs are not illegal and as of now they can stay up.