Suspect killed, Police K-9 shot in Lower Paxton incident

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A suspect is dead after evading police on Nyes Road in Lower Paxton Township. It all started this morning, when two men got into a fight and one man was stabbed and shot by another. The victim went to the hospital for treatment and reported the incident to police.

This afternoon, police went to the suspect’s house to serve a warrant for his arrest. He was found hiding in a neighbor’s home and fled into nearby brush when police approached him. The K-9 unit from Harrisburg was called in to assist in the capture of the suspect.

The suspect was found and he began shooting at the K-9 unit, striking and injuring the dog, before police shot the suspect, killing him. The dog was flown by helicopter to a local animal hospital for treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.

The police officer that shot the suspect has been placed on administrative leave. Updates will be provided as they become available.


  • Omiof5

    The police officer who shot the suspect was merely covering his partner .. S.O.P. Get well soon, Officer Zeke!

    • sickofit

      Well Lizzie, your "loved one" was a criminal , wether you like it or not. HE chose to stab and shoot somebody, HE chose to run when served with a warrant, HE chose to ignore the officer's asking him to surrender, HE chose to fire at the K-9 unit (YES, it is an officer) the dog would have never been sent in if he would have complied. The dog and officer were doing their job, unless your "loved one's" job was assaulting people and breaking the law HE was wrong !!!
      I am sorry he got killed but HE made the choices that resulted in the outcome !!!
      I feel sorry for you and his family, as for him, you get what you ask for.

  • Jonathan

    First off, try spell check before posting. "Blowed up." My three year old has better grammar.

    Secondly. Clearly you are not a cop or have ever put your life on the line to keep the public safe. Do us all a favor and show some respect for the people that keep the criminal element out of your backyard.

    By the way, your welcome.

  • HowIgnorantRU?

    What's the deal with Lower Paxton Township? That's the most dangerous and crime-ridden municipality in the Susquehanna Valley outside of the cities.

  • meworkhard

    Gembee when you say "blowed" we all knew your intelligence level immediately, it is "blown" up so when you are all "growed" up then comment. That brave K9 officer was sent in to protect his fellow police officers and did it with precision. Human being? that guy was a dangerous criminal who would harm you and your family, wonder if you'd call him a human then? I know you would handle your own problems and "don't need no police" right. No one asks these people to be cops they choose a career that is low paying and requires a gun and a vest and protecting others, yeah it is a choice, pretty impressive people that make that choice if you ask me. Wunder wut u do fer a livin? Giant attack dog, that is funny a Belgian Malnois is not that big of a dog really, but will rip a dangerous criminal to shreds if warranted, thank God for them !

    • HowIgnorantRU?

      For the past two years, I have noticed Lower Paxton having so many incidents (in the media) of minor and major crimes. I don't know the borders of that township, only the general location, but the name Lower Paxton comes up time and time again in crime stories so much so that it has drawn my attention aside from the naming of cities.

      • Joe

        There is a reason for it. Like urban sprawl, you are witnessing ghetto sprawl. Same issues, same people, just more of them spread over a larger area.. We'll keep denying it and it will get worse but, hey, we're progressive, eh?

  • Dee

    Get well, Zeke!!!!
    Oh… and GemBee, you're an uneducated idiot. A K-9 is a Police Officer! Any open fire in a public place is going to be controlled a.s.a.p. This man had no respect for human life, why should he get the chance to take any more than he already has? Glad they blew his dumb ass away!

  • the wives of blue

    GemBee I am assuming you have absolutely no idea what it takes to be a police officer and how many lives the K-9 have saved. Do me a favor, if you feel this way about k-9 and police officers.. next time you need help, don't call the police, call a crack head. K-9's are police officers, they get sworn in and they receive a badge.. If they die in the line of duty they have a police officer's funeral. Being a complete idiot gets you no where. !

    • Diane

      Well said wives of blue! Here's hoping GemBee never needs any police assistance. The public needs to respect what they do on a daily basis, putting their lives on the line to keep us safe!

  • BethAnn

    Best wishes for a full recovery for Zeke…hope the administration releases the suspension, which, in my opinion, should not have happened. If a criminal does not respect law enforcement, they should expect action….

    • Meworkhard

      It is standard procedure for an officer to go on paid leave when involved in a shooting incident, he is not suspended just on leave during the investigation. This is good for the officer too.

    • brit

      It is so nice to see that you have nothing better to do than sit in your computer and bitch about grammar about someone who most likely lost a loved one. You are one sad person and I pray for you to receive some type of love in your life. If this was one of your family members because I’m sure you have someone if your family with an issue, I would hope people would speak to you with respect about the situation. You are no better than any gang member out there. I know many people who have had some type of problem in the past and you wouldn’t have believe the amazing people they turn out to be. Maybe the corrupt system we have should work in help for individuals with problems instead of killing or arresting them costing an outrageous amour of money and but it towards counseling that people need. I just pray for you because that boy which was murdered was a great guy and was defending family when it all happened. Skylar was always there to give me advice when I was younger and I would hangout with him everyday. Don’t judge a book by its cover and I’d your mother didn’t teach you that, you may want to do some reading it looks like you have a lot of time to do.

      • Sean

        The corrupt system? The problem isnt the system, its the fact that people no longer toake responsability for their actions and want to always blame the "Corrupt System". Instead of manning up and working through his problems, Skylar chose a diffrent route. Those making excuses for him and justifying his actions as well as laying blame with others are the problem. It is what keeps you in the "corrupt system". You allow it, You thrive in it, it makes people like You feel important and entitled…

        I am sorry for Skylar making poor choices and ending up dead. I do not blame the system, I blame Skylar. You should too. You should make better choices in your life and surround yourself with better people than he did. So you dont end up goin gdown the same path. Man up.

  • Nicholas Sarnicky

    I knew the kid who did this, well technically a man but I see him as the kid I once knew. I won't disagree that the correct action was taken for this, he did the wrong thing. However he was a good kid before, something happened that changed him. The real problem is this wide spread mentality that gang banging is cool, all the killing, and the people who fall into this are the ones having kids all the time. So there kids fall straight into it. So sad, we need to group together to change this.

  • brit

    I would just love to say how cops are so quick to pull out their guns to “protect” the innocent all the time, but for a cop to shot one person 6-10 times is over kill and need to be released from duty. A dog is not the same as a human. I don’t understand how anyone could defend a dog over a human. Yes, it is sad for an animal to get shot, but this is a person were talking about that died and yet this dog is fine. Skylark was not a street thug, he didn’t grow up thinking violence was the answer. He was one of the best people I had a chance to meet and he truely cared about people. I’m so sick of people judging people by their past. I know many cops who grow up doing illegal things all the time and the only difference is they didn’t get caught so don’t hold these cops as high as God because most of them wanted a quick job with decent pay.

    • peoplercrazy

      Brit, if someone had a gun and fired it in your general direction I bet you would be quick to pull out your gun too. I'm sure Skylar (not Skylark) was a good kid at one time. If you want to run around flashing a gun be ready for the consequences. I bet if your loved one was a cop you wouldn't be saying the same thing. Be sure that if someone pulls a gun and fires it that I'm gonna protect myself and those around me. I bet you would do the same.

    • LeAnne

      You are pathetic. Get together with your friend Gem Bee and do us all a favor– shoot each other… :)

  • TerryE_MN

    Let's see if I got this straight. The bad guy was running from the police, had a history of violence, shot at the police, who killed him. But GemBee says that because a dog was helping hunt for him it's OK if he shoots the dog? What a nimrod.

  • LeAnne

    You are a sick individual… One day one of those cops or k-9's might be saving your pathetic life….

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