Job Fair at PA Renaissance Faire

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The 2013 edition of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is almost upon us and that means workers are needed.
Mount Hope Estate and Winery is holding a job fair this weekend.
They are looking to hire seasonal workers for costumed and non-costumed positions.
The jobs will run through the Renaissance Faire season which is August to October.
Organizers say it’s the perfect job for those who want to get away from reality for a while.
Candace Smith with the Renaissance Faire says, “You can immerse yourself in the fantasy of the faire and it’s just a huge playground and I don’t think you get there anywhere else, certainly not in office situations, so it’s kind of like coming to a big playground to play with your friends every day when you come to work.”
The job fair continues Sunday from 11 a-m to 3 p-m at the Swashbuckler Pub on the grounds of the PA Renaissance Faire.