Kraft Macaroni & Cheese coming under fire

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A pair of food bloggers is asking Kraft to take food dyes out of its popular macaroni and cheese.
They say the artificial colorings food dyes Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 are not in the company’s mac and cheese in other countries. The dyes were banned in those countries and were removed after a consumer outcry.
The creator the blog 100 days of real food, Lisa Leake, says she and a colleague decided to take action.
“We were just alarmed by what we uncovered. Basically, these are American companies using ingredients in our food that are not used, and in some cases, banned elsewhere. We decided we needed to do something about it. So we strategically picked Karft Macaroni and Cheese, an iconic American food product, hoping to get our message across, that these artificial dyes, they’re not necessary, they’re for cosmetic reasons only and they do pose risks and we’d like them to get them out of our food,” Leake said.
Among other things, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 are believed to cause reactions in people with allergies and hyperactivity in children.
Leake and fellow blogger Vani Hari have started an online petition.
In it, they contend several American products are using harmful additives and want those additives removed.


    • HowIgnorantRU?

      It's called checks & balances. Complainers who don't try to make a difference are just grumpy blowhards. Making a difference is a job.

  • Amanda Armolt

    What about red dye in things????it’s in so much stuff and to those commenting about this being a waste of time, try having a child with an allergy that makes them have headaches and throw up and the thing causing it is in just about everything and completely unnecessary!

  • Stacy

    We are so ignorant in America & clueless as to how we are poisoning our own children. As a mother that is half Scottish with children battling Leukemia along with having serious allergic reactions to all red dyes, it is absurd WHY WE HAVE TO MAKE OUR PILLS PRETTY LIKE THEY ARE EASTER EGGS??? Scotland hasn't put dyes or preservatives in items we digest for ages for a good reason. They've always made my son hyper & mean. They don't effect his twin brother, but just seeing what they do to my very sick daughter & other is a no brainer!! It took her Hem/Onc doctor a lot of calls to try to find her a ZPack this week for a bad infection she's had a fever with for over a week that ISN'T PINK WITH RED DYE WITH ZERO LUCK!!!! We had to get her another antibiotic of equivalence that had yellow dye…WHY WHY WHY? Can't we just make the packaging pretty instead of our drugs & food that go into our children's bodies? We are killing our children in more ways than we realize & we need to take a step back in time to see where we went wrong & it is utterly obvious if you have walked a mile in my shoes. Wanda..I haven't a moment to breath & never complained on a blog until today, but it is time worth trying to open eyes like yours! I had to give up my paid job to care for my daughter in her cancer battle & it hasn't been easy, but I will continue to fight for other kids now that Kasey has kicked cancer's butt. I'm all for raising money for the CURE, BUT WE MUST MUST START WITH THE CAUSE!!!!! It isn't just is so many diseases we are able to prevent from simple things like removing harmful dyes or chemicals we are putting into our bodies.

  • Sam

    The ingredients are labeled, people with allergies need to just be responsible and watch out for it…. I want my mac n cheese yellow 5 and yellow 6…

    • HowIgnorantRU?

      If you make it from scratch at home, do you add the dyes? Why does America need the dyes when studies have shown they are most likely harmful? Kraft can increase their consumer base if they would remove the dyes. Shouldn't Mac & Cheese look and taste like it does when you make it from macaroni and cheese at home? Kraft doesn't even look like it does at diners.

  • Markey

    This campaign is not a new one. Parents have been fighting to get manuifacturers to rid products of synthetic dyes for many years. Do you remember Dr. Ben F. Feingold? He spent his retirement years traveling the world spreading the word about the danger of these dyes (made from petroleumI). His book, Why Your Child is Hyperactive was a best seller. Parents got together and formed a successful support group named for him: Feingold Association of the United States. Its website is

  • Constance

    The Food and Drug Administration is owned by the food companies. Dyes and other harmful non-food substances will always be allowed in food products. Big corporations do not care whether they are slowly killing people, and most consumers are ignorant. My advice……read the label. If ingredients are listed that are not natural foods (i.e. monosodium glutamate, sodium phosphate, etc) DO NOT buy the product. Learn to cook and make real food!

  • Markey

    Reading the labels on products doesn't always provide the info. There are many cases where the label is just not enough. Packaging can be sprayed with preservatives and the consumer is unaware. There are words such as 'natural flavor' that can't be trusted. There are many words used that really are MSG. Some products list something like flour meal but it has BHA, BHT or TBHQ but the company doesn't have to list it becasue they did not make the flour meal. There are many ways for manufacturers to get around the labeling laws and they do.

    Consumers are sensitive to many food additves and if they are not listed on the label, they are, if consumed, subject to many health problems. This is the reason parents formed the Feingold Association–we want to know which products are free of these additives. This org. researches each product and puts allowable item into a book which then goes to its members. One day perhaps food manufacturers will think of who is using their products instead of their bottom line.

  • Rebecca Voigt

    Thank you sooooo much . I appreciate your info cause my daughter lovessssss mac and cheese !!!!!!!!!!

  • Phil

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. There are plenty of other Mac & Cheese options. I love it just the way it is. The color of Mac & Cheese adds to the nostalgic look one sees while eating it. I’ve tried other brands with artificial & some with all-natural ingredients (even homemade) and none of them compare to the best, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. I would be saddened if its wonderful taste was changed even in the slightest. This modern world is all about diversity and I for one believe all kids and kids-at-heart who grew up with the “original” Kraft Mac & Cheese should stand up to discrimination of food maker’s rights. Everyone has a choice not to eat something, just like I have the choice to pick up a box of delicious Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

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