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Tis’ the season to report potholes, Call 1-800-FIX-ROAD



PennDOT reminds motorists that potholes and other roadway maintenance concerns on state roads can be reported to the department by calling 1-800 FIX ROAD.

The recent wet weather coupled with temperature fluctuations above and below the freezing point are proving to be optimal conditions for potholes on south central Pennsylvania roadways.


Potholes develop when water seeps below the road through small cracks in the pavement surface. As the water repeatedly freezes and thaws, a cavity below the road is formed and larger cracks develop, which destroy the strength of the pavement.


Callers to the 1-800-Fix-Road hotline are asked to be as specific as possible when providing pothole locations or other maintenance concerns. For state routes, callers must report the county, municipality, street name and route number, or the state route (SR) number that can be found on small black-and-white signs posted along state roadways. Callers should also provide a description of any familiar landmarks that will help PennDOT locate the problem area.


Callers can use the hotline number to report any state roadway maintenance concern such as potholes, roadway washouts, missing highway signs, high shoulder drop-offs or deer removal.


Once notified, PennDOT will work expeditiously to address pothole and roadway concerns when weather permits.

The 1-800 FIX ROAD number should not be used to report traffic accidents, disabled vehicles, or other emergencies. Motorists should continue to call 911 to report those types of incidents.


1 Comment to “Tis’ the season to report potholes, Call 1-800-FIX-ROAD”

    Guest said:
    March 26, 2013 at 3:47 PM

    Does this apply to Bridge Street in New Cumberland? The entire stretch is one giant pothole.

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