Get PennDOT construction notices and traffic advisories in your email

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PennDOT Engineering District 8, which is responsible for state-owned highways and bridges in south central Pennsylvania, offers an online service for people interested in receiving email notices about highway construction projects and travel advisories in the region.

“These are the same press releases and traffic notices that we send to news media outlets and the professional traffic services such as Traffax and Total Traffic Network,” said Mike Keiser, the district executive responsible for PennDOT District 8. These press releases and notices are also posted for public viewing on the District 8 section of PennDOT’s main website at

“We want people to know that this information is available to them online,” explained Keiser. “We want to get this information into the hands of people who are affected by our work. Before we start highway and bridge projects, not only do we want reach commuters, but we also want to reach the businesses and property owners that are impacted by our operations.”

PennDOT District 8 covers the eight counties of south central Pennsylvania, including Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York. It is the largest of PennDOT’s eleven engineering districts statewide in terms of state road mileage (5,232 miles) and bridges (3,407). Individuals interested in signing up for PennDOT District 8 news releases and travel advisories may designate which county or counties they are interested in, or request all news releases and travel advisories issued by District 8.  For example, one may sign up for news pertaining only to roads and bridges in Adams County while another person could prefer to sign up for Franklin and Cumberland counties in addition to Adams County.

To subscribe to the email service for south central Pennsylvania, go to PennDOT’s main website at , click on “PennDOT Organizations”, then “Engineering Districts & County Maintenance Organizations”, then on “District 8” in the statewide map, and then click on either “News Releases” or “Local Traffic Advisories”. On this last page there are two buttons, one for subscribing to “District 8-0 News Releases and Travel Advisories” and the other one for unsubscribing to the service. Previously issued news releases and travel advisories are also available on this page for viewing.

“We are always looking for ways to make our information more widely available to the public,” said Keiser. “Few state agencies affect so many people as does PennDOT. Hopefully, this information is helpful not only in assisting people in avoiding road closures and highway construction, but in also helping people better understand the work we do.”