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Unoccupied car hits pedestrian in West York Borough

An unoccupied car struck and injured a man in West York Borough on Tuesday morning. The car was left running near Hoke Mills on the 100 block of South Sumner Street, when the owner’s dog knocked the car into gear.

A Hokes Mill employee noticed that the car was moving and it was going to strike a nearby parked car, so he attempted to stop the vehicle. The man was unable to stop it before it sideswiped the other car and pinned the man between the two vehicles.

The victim struck his head, was knocked to the ground and lost consciousness. He did regained consciousness at the scene but was dazed by the impact. Paramedics took him to York Hospital for further evaluation.


1 Comment to “Unoccupied car hits pedestrian in West York Borough”

    MyTakeOnIt said:
    March 27, 2013 at 8:05 PM

    I witnessed this same scenario with a child knocking a minivan in gear while mom was strapping other child in car seat. Not a good outcome.

    It is illegal for your vehicle's engine to be running while an adult is not in it. (Rough translation)
    It is also illegal for children to be left unsupervised in vehicles.
    It is immoral and may have legal consequences if a pet is left alone inside a vehicle, running or not.

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