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Fire at local dry cleaner ruled arson

A fire at a Mountville dry cleaner is being called arson by investigators. West Hempfield Township Police reported to Fillings Dry Cleaning on Columbia Avenue in Mountville, just after 5:15 a.m. Friday  morning.

Flames and smoke were seen spewing from the roof, coming from a rented out area on the north side of the building. After extinguishing the fire, police determined that the building had been burglarized and several items were missing from the business. Police estimate the loss of property from inside the business at around $45,000.

It has been determined that the fire was intentionally set and is listed as Arson. Anyone with information is asked to contact Officer Rich Bowermaster of the West Hempfield Township Police Department at 717-285-5191.


1 Comment to “Fire at local dry cleaner ruled arson”

    MyTakeOnIt said:
    March 29, 2013 at 6:28 PM

    You don't see many Dry Cleaners burglarized and set afire. Are Laundromats, Hawaiian Snow stores and Gumball machines next?

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