Fans in Pittsburgh brave the snow for Pirates home opener

Fans in Pittsburgh braved the cool and snowy weather for the Pirates home opener.  They say, they are ready for baseball.

Jim, Pirates fan, “We’re used to it. I feel like we’re at a Steelers game now not a Pirates game but hey we are out here having fun.”

Shelly, Pirates fan, The snow, rain doesn’t bother you guys? “Us no, we’re not pitching. Not us, we are worried about AJ Burnett, we’ll be fine.”

Bill, Pirates fan, “It would be nice if it was a little bit warmer, absolutely. Make it a lot more enjoyable.”

Kieran, “I always wear shorts so its not a big deal. I mean there was a 30% chance so why not? Take a chance.”

Bob, Pirates fan, “If this was a Steelers game, it would be nice. I have sat threw snow and home openers before so I think we will make it through this one.”

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