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Barnstormers and Revolution start spring training

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The crack of the bat is back in Lancaster.  The Barnstormers on the field, for the 1st day of spring training.  Its no stretch to say, the Barnies are excited.

Travis Denker, Barnstormers Infielder

“You know, its like the 1st day of school.  To come out here and play a game, a kids game, especially with weather like this.”

Blake Gailen, Barnstormers Outfielder

“Living the dream man, thats all it is. You’re grateful for every day you can step foot on these fields and get to play the game that you love.”

The Revolution have a new feel on their 1st day of spring training.  They have a new skipper in the dugout, Mark Mason.

Mark Mason, Revolution Manager

“The transition for me was really smooth.  I moved here full time 2 years ago.  I know a lot of the players that are back here and I know some of the other guys from other leagues so its a comfortable start to a new season.”

Corey Thurman, Revolution pitcher

“With Mase being here, its an easy transition going from Etch to Mase and its crazy because there personalities are totally different.  Etch was like “go get them” and high strung and Mase is really laid back.”

1st pitch for the Revolution and Barnstormers is Thursday, April 18th.  Both teams start the season at home.