Paying it forward in Littlestown, Adams County

FOX43’S Pay it Forward crew rolled into Kennie’s Market in Littlestown, Adams County.

It didn’t take long for curious shoppers to pull up and ask up what we were doing.

Ken Eckard was one of them and he knew exactly who he wanted to have the money, Debbie Nail.

Nail is one of his tenants and Eckard said she’s a kindhearted woman facing difficult times.

She lost her job while caring for her mother, who’s battling lung cancer.

“Eventually she missed enough work that they just let her go,” Eckard said. “She just continually stayed and helped her mom and stuff and her sister also lives with her and has a handicap of her own and she can’t work.”

Eckard said Nail always puts herself on the back burner.

“She never once says I this or I that,” he said.

When Nail opened the door to her apartment, Eckard had this to say to her:

“Hi Debbie! I’m here with FOX43 News. I’d like to Pay it Forward because you’re always doing stuff for your mom and everything else and always taking care of everybody else before you take care of yourself,” he said. “I feel that there’s nobody more deserving than you that could use this $200.”

“Thank you so much,” Nail said, visibly emotional. “I don’t know what to say. I didn’t expect this.”

“I feel really good. Kenny, he’s also a very, very nice kind person. He’s helped me out also,” she added.

Before he left, Nail thanked Eckard one more time.

“Thank you so much Kenny,” she said. “I think that’s the sweetest thing anybody has ever done.”

Nail recently got some great news.

Doctors say after months of treatments, her mother is now cancer free.

Nail is now hoping she can find another job and get back to work.