Elderly Lebanon County woman lost in excess of $100,000 in scam


A 77 year old West Cornwall Township woman, believing she was the winner of millions of dollars of cash and numerous luxury vehicles, has lost in excess of $100,000 since summer of 2012 to the phony sweepstakes scams. The woman’s family contacted police Friday evening to report the loss, the exact amount of which is unknown until an accurate accounting can be made. The scammers convinced the victim she had to pay a variety of taxes, shipping, delivery and processing fees in order to receive the “winnings”. The victim provided the money to the fraudulent sweepstakes company through the use of Green Dot MoneyPak cards and through direct shipments of cash. The investigation continues.

Police remind residents to please remember these points:
• You cannot win a contest you have not entered!
• ANY mention by a caller telling you to “wire” money via Western Union — is a scam!
• ANY mention by a caller telling you to purchase GREEN DOT MONEY PAK CARDS — is a scam!