Elderly Lebanon County woman lost in excess of $100,000 in scam


A 77 year old West Cornwall Township woman, believing she was the winner of millions of dollars of cash and numerous luxury vehicles, has lost in excess of $100,000 since summer of 2012 to the phony sweepstakes scams. The woman’s family contacted police Friday evening to report the loss, the exact amount of which is unknown until an accurate accounting can be made. The scammers convinced the victim she had to pay a variety of taxes, shipping, delivery and processing fees in order to receive the “winnings”. The victim provided the money to the fraudulent sweepstakes company through the use of Green Dot MoneyPak cards and through direct shipments of cash. The investigation continues.

Police remind residents to please remember these points:
• You cannot win a contest you have not entered!
• ANY mention by a caller telling you to “wire” money via Western Union — is a scam!
• ANY mention by a caller telling you to purchase GREEN DOT MONEY PAK CARDS — is a scam!


  • MyTakeOnIt

    Seriously. The elderly need some sort of life coaches to assist them with avoiding these things and deal with the changes in society. It appears that family is not always around to help.

  • Darly

    Bottom line here is that the elderly are way too trusting. My Mother is 87, she has been approached by a number of different folks offing a range of different scams in the past 2-3 years. One was a sweepstakes, and if she would go to Western Union and wire the funds necessary to cover the cost of processing, they would be at her door with the prize; in this case, the clerk at Western Union told Mom it was a scam, and she would not wire the money. Another time, it was the Green Dot card scam. Yet another time, she wrote a check for $150 and mailed it to NC, in this case I immediately stopped payment on the check. In all instances, someone became involved so my Mom did not lose a lot of money, but it would just take once for someone to take every cent she and my Father worked so hard to earn. I now have Power Of Attorney, but I'm still vigilant on Mom's behalf. Others need to do the same for their aging parents, and other seniors. Look out for their interests like the gal at Western Union did for my Mom. Unless you've had the privilege of having an elderly person depend up you, don't throw rocks at the seniors or the folks who try to assist them. Nough said!

  • JustSayin

    I somewhat agree, however I still believe that the reason elderly people are so trustworthy is due to the fact of the changes in society. Things that happen today did not happen while they were growing up and if they did it wasn't posted all over the Internet, televisions and newspapers like it is today! Also most elderly do not have a clue how to access the Internet, and if there is no family support they tend to be the ones who fall victim to scams! When you or I are 77 years old, we will be so use to having these kinds of things happen being that we read, or hear about them so often we probably will not fall for it!!

  • MyTakeOnIt

    Wow AI, I usually don't agree with much of what you comment but respect your views when we banter back and forth on something. Here, I gotta say man, older people lose their abilities. You can't say they are the same people they were when they were teens. Don't you have parents and grandparents that you have seen change and "lose their mind" as time goes by?

    There are suckers of all ages but the elderly and children are the most vulnerable. We protect kids to the nth degree. Elderly get 1/10th of that nth.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    Okay. Just heard the WGAL news story and learned that this woman was told by police last year to stop sending money to these people because it was a scam. Now she sounds like a fool.

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