Lancaster County teen saves friends from dog attack

As the dog bite on Austin Smith’s thigh heals, the story of how he got that bite is spreading through his small community of Reinholds, Lancaster County.

The way his classmate Mallory Moyer tells it, Austin saved her and another boy from being attacked while they walked home from their school bus stop on April 4th.

“The dog had gotten off from where it was attached and starting going after the high school girl and after her pants,” Moyer said. “And when I saw that I got really scared and screamed and ran back towards the bus stop.”

Hearing Mallory’s screams, Austin knew he had to act.

“I was just thinking get them behind me and get in front of the dog,” he said.

That’s when the mixed-breed dog, which belongs to a neighbor, bit Austin on the leg.

“Felt like a hot iron laying on my leg,” he said.

The jeans Austin was wearing that day are torn in several places where the dog snagged onto them. The bite could have been a lot worse, but Austin had a lot of stuff in his pocket, including a keychain that says ‘Courage.’

“I’m very proud of my son,” said Jackie Smith. “But he’s the type of boy that would do that anytime.”

Doctors say Austin will be just fine.

Mallory even baked him cookies to show her appreciation.

“All my friends at school say he is a hero, and to me, I say, yeah, he was,” she said.

A state dog warden is investigating the case and charges against the owner are pending.