Local News

Fiance of woman hit in police crash speaks out

By Katie Kyros

After a police crash sent three people and a K-9 dog to the hopsital Saturday night, we’re learning only one person has been able to leave the hospital– the suspect who was the subject of the police chase.

An eyewitness at the scene tells WPMT FOX43 his fiance was the pedestrian trapped under the police car when it flipped over. Her name is Selina Martin.

“She was moving her legs, but she was like, ‘Help me, get me out,’ and I said I can’t, I can’t lift it,” says Barry Haywood, who lives in an apartment over the crash site. “I tried to push the car off myself.”

A chase sent the police car and an SUV slamming into parked cars and buildings.

Martin and the police officer were taken to Hershey Medical Center. The officer is in critical condition and Martin suffered injuries to her spine, heart and ribs.

“I prayed for her last night, cried all last night,” says Haywood, who was with Martin for three surgeries when she was brought to the hospital. “But I can’t even cry no more.”

The suspect was treated and released into custody. The K-9 dog, Thor, suffered head trauma but is recovering.

“From what I understand he is very, very close with his handler, and that is his one and all,” says Sabrena Meyerhoff of Rossmoyne Animal Hospital. “A lot of prayers need to go out to his handler right now.”


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