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Fire destroys abandoned Manheim Township house

Lancaster County fire crews respond for the second time to a fire on an abandoned property in Manheim Township just outside of Lancaster City.  The fire broke out at around 5 o’clock Wednesday evening at the old Gammache manson along the 1400 block of Route 23 at the Route 30 intersection.  Heavy smoke and flames from the burning building could be seen by passing motorists on nearby Route 30.   Fire crews let the fire burn itself out.  The property is on the fire department’s  “Do Not Enter” list because the building is considered to be unsafe. Tankers were called in to provide water to help keep the fire from spreading onto the surrounding brush.


Last month fire crews responded to a fire at the same property. The State Police Fire Marshal is investigating.


1 Comment to “Fire destroys abandoned Manheim Township house”

    Joel said:
    April 25, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    What could be the reason of the fire behind it, good thing is no one was hurt and got involved in the incident.

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