Our topic of the day: George W. Bush’s Legacy

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It seems Americans’ views of George W. Bush’s Presidency are improving. A new CNN/ORC International Survey finds 55% rate it a failure. That’s down 13 percentage points compared to a CNN poll conducted in January 2009. On the other hand, 42%  of those polled rate the presidency a success. Up 11 points from when he left the White House. The poll was released on the eve of the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

This is our morning show topic of the day. We want to know what you think about George W. Bush’s legacy?


  • Greg Gross

    Our former presidents legacy is and always be the guy who sent this country down the wrong path. Almost bankrupted the country started two needless wars and gave the word gread a whole new definyou know those people with more money than sense ition.I hope and pray that there is a special place in hell for him and people like him IE Dick Cheney and all the rest of those washington insiderrs that are destroying this country that people like me and my brothers worked, fought,blead,and died for!

    God bless America and all its citzens but the goverment and the 1% you know those people with more money than sense they can all go to hell. if half of them had to spend just 6 months trieng to live on what i make a week they couldnt do it but i do it all the time . it sucks but i am happy and for the most part i would"nt trade it for the world.

  • zelly5

    I temper my opinions of foreign policies of those in charge because they have access to information that we will never know, and they must make decisions on what is known at the time. GW did what he thought was right in order to protect us and our freedoms. Was he always right? No, and neither are any of us. At least he valued the lives of the unborn, religious freedom, and the rest of our Constitutional rights. These are things that we are losing under the present leadership. As for wishing anyone to go to hell, I leave that up to God in hopes that I and my loved ones will never suffer that fate.

  • Ajay Jain

    History is here and now and it does not bode well for George W Bush the 43rd President of USA.

    1) GEORGE W. BUSH oversaw the suffering of millions in New Orleans in KATRINA disaster and did little in a timely fashion!

    2) GEORGE W. BUSH increased our deficit by fighting TWO wars on the credit card, implementing the Medicare DRUG Plan on the credit card and two BIG TAX CUTS on the credit card.

    3) GEORGE W. BUSH presided over the greatest economic meltdown of the American economy since the Great Depression.

    4) GEORGE W. BUSH presided over the greatest terrorist attack on the US soil since Pearl Harbor which was responsible for more than 3000 deaths.

    5) GEORGE W. BUSH's IRAQ war was responsible for more than 4000 American soldier deaths.

    6) GEORGE W. BUSH had Osama Bin Laden in his sights in Tora Bora in Afganistan but he let him escape by not providing enough troops to capture UML.

    7) GEORGE W. BUSH shifted focus from a legitimate war in Afganistan to an unnecessary war in IRAQ.

    8) GEORGE W. BUSH turned a surplus nation into a debtor nation by advocating for so much deficit budgeting.

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