Cumberland County teen is rejected from Prom

A Lemoyne teen is ready to dance at prom, but the West Shore School District says she’s not allowed to because she attends a cyber charter school.  Under State law, students enrolled in cyber charter schools are allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.  But the district says prom is a social event, and doesn’t fall under extracurriculars.

Eleanor Lohry, 18, is ready to wear her vibrant gown at Saturday’s Cedar Cliff High School Prom.  But the senior may never have the chance.

Eleanor questions, “Why am I different because I’m a cyber school student?”

Eleanor made her switch from Cedar Cliff to Connection Academy Cyber School in 2010.  She says went from straight F’s to A’s, B’s and C’s.  She also switched because she was suffering from sinus and breathing problems.

Eleanor says she was excited to celebrate her improvements at Senior Prom. “I’m sure they celebrate different ways for being a senior and getting to graduate and prom’s like my way to celebrate and say I accomplished something.”

So she went to the school with her dad, Tony, to pick up her tickets.  But they were told she couldn’t attend because she’s a cyber charter student.  District policy says a cyber charter student can’t attend social events, but may participate in extracurriculars.

Tony says, “This whole thing is about Eleanor going to a dance, prom, social event.  It’s a dance I can’t believe there’s not someone out there who can say let her go.”

When Eleanor looks in the mirror, she’s proud of the woman she’s become since enrolling in a cyber charter school.  But since she was told she couldn’t attend prom, her insecurities have returned.

Eleanor says, “Are you different, you’re not any different and it makes you upset and you’re confused on why…rejection sucks.”

The Lohry family says they are hoping for a phone call from the district saying she’s allowed to go.