York County man’s disappearance baffles town

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Family members, neighbors and even police are baffled about the disappearance of 53-year-old Thomas Augustyniak, of Glen Rock, who has been missing now for two weeks. “You have to feel so sorry for them. I mean all of a sudden your husband or father turns up missing and no reason that you know of,” said neighbor Bob Ruby. “It’s very sad because we haven’t heard anything now for over a week.”

Augustyniak left a note saying he was going for a walk, and signed it “Love Tom” with a smiley face. His wife Cheryl says he recently had Hernia surgery but he had recovered. She said he didn’t have any health issues and no real reason to leave. He loved his job and was supposed to return to work after a leave from the surgery on Wednesday, but never showed up. She now believes something did happen, and his health could be at risk. The family is offering a reward for information that leads to his whereabouts.

His disappearance seems strange to many, because he left his phone, keys and wallet at home. “A strange reason to go like that. If he plans to go somewhere he would have taken something with him. Why he would have only taken his driver’s license it’s still a mystery,” said Glen Rock Mayor Ron McCullough.

Augustyniak left his home at around 6 am on Wednesday, April 24th, and hasn’t been seen since. A surveillance camera caught a glimpse of him walking near Church and Main Streets in Glen Rock headed towards the York County Rail Trail/Hanover Street area. Cameras further down Main Street did not show Augustyniak, leading police to believe he veered onto the Heritage Rail Trail.

Several police agencies, fire companies and volunteers have searched several times. They have used police dogs, a helicopter and even dive teams, but still haven’t found any good clues. “Last week they brought a hound in and they trailed him down to the trail and then they lost his scent. You can only hope that he’s still alive and still doing well but until you find him you can only hope,” said McCullough. They lost his scent not far from his home on the Heritage Rail Trail, where it intersects with Valley Street. “This is the longest we have went that somebody hasn’t come up with a subject.”
“I know they have signs up all over the area,  you know let’s find Tom. I certainly do hope they find Tom,” said Ruby.
Police have received some tips of possible sightings Maryland, none of which have panned out. Anyone with information that leads to the whereabouts of Augustyniak is asked to call 911 or Southern Regional Police at (717) 235-3944

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