York in top 20 for most dangerous cities

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According to one survey, York ranks higher than Baltimore on a list of the top most dangerous cities in the U.S.  Neighborhood Scout ranks York 18th.  Baltimore is 27th most dangerous and Harrisburg is 30th on the list. Sarasota, Florida is at the bottom of the list of 100.

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  • intelligent person

    Dear Ms. Cline. I personally take that very offensive…My family and I live in York City and love it. We live on a wonderful street with great neighbors. We are both mature, educated professionals with excellent paying jobs. Maybe you shouldn't be so judgmental towards people who just prefer to live in a different culture enriched neighborhood than you…Just saying…..

  • Horrible

    York City is disgusting! I was born and raised there and now wouldn't dare walk down the street I grew up on! So sad to see a place go from fond memories to what it is today!

  • anonymous

    If you haven’t realized there’s a lot of ppl moving to york and makin it bad ppl from new york baltimore lancaster harrisburg so rly it ain’t york its who’s moving to here

  • Tom Browand

    As a former Yorker I am appalled at this news – it is time for the people of York to TAKE BACK THEIR CITY !

  • Nicko

    York is trash, that's why I moved to Miami Beach, grew up in the suburbs of York, my family would not let me near the city, its been dangerous for many years!

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