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The John Travers Awards Banquet

banquetIt’s one of the top awards a high school student can accept in the Harrisburg area.

The John Travers Award is presented to the top female and male scholar athletes. Central Dauphin’s Colton Peppelman and Greenwood’s Katie Osborne are this year’s recipients .

Peppelman is a four-year varsity Letterman in wrestling while Osborne is a two sport athlete in field hockey and softball.

These athletes not only excel in athletics, but also in academics, community programs and even dairy-farming. Osborne explains she works on her parents’ farm while balancing the books and sports.

“Everything I do I have some passion for,” says John Travers Award winner Katie Osborne, “I have passion for the dairy-farming with the agriculture industry and I am also very determined and very athlete-minded and always wanting to win.”

“Everyone around me, supports me,” says John Travers Award winner Colton Peppelman.  “My family is extremely supportive, I have great teammates and coaches and great people at the school as well. I couldn’t ask for anything better so there are a bunch of people who push me along the way.”

Peppelman will be attending Harvard University while Osborne will be heading to Wake Forest University.

For more than three decades John Travers (1920-1981) was synonymous with sports in Harrisburg. The late executive sports editor gave a new meaning to the term “well-traveled” as he covered almost every major sports event.


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