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Local boy has a sweet way to help wounded veterans

This Memorial Day weekend, a local boy is raising money for a branch of the Wounded Warriors, by selling a tasty summer drink.
10-year old Tyler Flod, of Harrisburg, set up his lemonade stand outside of Kinsey’s Outdoors in Mount Joy, Lancaster County on Saturday to fundraise for wounded veterans.
Flod started the lemonade stand two years ago and donates the funds to different charities every summer.
This year he wanted to support the Keystone Wounded Warriors.
“I thought it would be kind of fun and I thought it would be a little bit better if I gave it to a good cause,” Flod says.
“It’s an honor to us, it’s an honor to know that young folks at their age still have patriotism and can learn patriotism.  So for us to have them come up to us and ask if they can raise funds for us is incredible,” says Paul Spurgin, Director of Keystone Wounded Warriors.
Tyler averages over $2,000 from his summer lemonade stands.


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