Retail theft bust racks up $50,000 in merchandise

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The West York Police department arrested 4 people last night for their involvement in a retail theft ring that’s been going on since January.

With the help from two store managers, 50 thousand dollars in merchandise was stolen from the Dollar General on West Market Street.

“What you doing *****”

Yeseria Quinoes was arrested Friday on felony theft charges, and although she appears very angry in the video we shot, Patrolman Scott Musselman says he was surprised Quinoes admitted to her wrongdoing.

“She was actually cooperative she pointed out all the things in the apartment that were stolen,” says Musselman.

Nextdoor neighbor Lee Naill watched the incident happen from his front step.

“I guess she was in cahoots because they arrested the girl inside the dollar general too,” says Naill.

Volunteer fire fighters were brought in to assist in removing the stolen items from the apartment just 4 doors down from the scene of the crimes.

“We went up to the second and third floor and there was just bins sitting everywhere full of all kind of merchandise,” says firefighter, Shawn Spicher.

More than enough to fill this truck.

“Anything dollar general sells you name it she took it,” says Musselman.

This U-Haul is filled with 11 thousand dollars worth of merchandise, everything from shampoo to diapers, police say this is the second organized retail theft ring they’ve busted this year.

“We have a lot of retail thefts with the giant and the dollar general but that dollar amount is unprecedented,” says Musselman.

Quinoes’ neighbor isn’t too surprised.

” I hate to even say anything about that but I heard rumors,” says Naill.

The West York Police department say they’re still investigating the crime, with more arrests possible.

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