Water Main Break Causes Headache West of Harrisburg

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A water main break causes a big headache for people who live, work, and shop just west of Harrisburg.

A pipe burst in the Spring Square Shopping Center — which shut down businesses and left home owners under boil water advisory.

It all happened around 9 AM Saturday morning right in front of Longhorn Steakhouse. Jeff Eshelman walked outside his business and noticed the parking lot was filled with water.

“We went over to investigate it a bit and noticed there was water shooting out of the ground going everywhere,” said Advanced Auto Parts Manager, Jeff Eshelman.

As a result, the entire shopping center was without water…and 2,400 homes in Silver Spring, Hampden, East Pennsboro, and Lower Allen Townships were put on a boil alert.

“This break impacted a wide part of our system,” says Pennsylvania American Water Company Representative, Joe Woodward.

Businesses near Longhorn say the water was cresting over the top of this sidewalk but luckily wasn’t high enough to cause any damage inside, now this parking lot is a different story.

“It actually lifted the blacktop out and drew it up about a foot so far,” says Eshelman.

This all…on the busiest day of the week for stores.

“I go from you know very busy in the morning to absolutely nothing and floating in water,” says Eshelman.

A temporary hose was installed so businesses could have water in the meantime, but it could be days before they can reopen.


  • Thomas B Gordon

    What great damage this event had caused to those who work in the said place. I just can’t imagine how much had been lost in just a snap. Hope it would get rebuild as soon as possible

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