Woman gives birth, but didn’t know she was pregnant!

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A Duluth, Minnesota woman goes into labor, shortly after finishing a 10-mile run. The problem is, she had no idea she was pregnant!
On Monday, Trish Staine gave birth to a daughter, named Miracle.
Staine says she had terrible back pain following her run last Sunday. Thinking it was a pulled muscle, she went to the hospital. That’s when doctors told her the news and delivered the healthy baby girl.
The stunned mom, who already has two biological children, says she didn’t have any of the usual telltale signs of pregnancy.
“There wasn’t any bump. I kind of already have a tummy anyway and I didn’t gain any weight and probably through my training I lost what I had, and she just replaced it, is what I’m thinking happened. And as far as movement, she did not move,” Staine says.
To add to the shock factor, Trish’s husband had a vasectomy about four years ago.


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