Doggie DNA swabbing

    People in Dallastown, York County may no longer be able to get away with not picking up after their dogs.  The Chestnut Point Condominium will now test all dog feces found in or around the facility.  Owners found not cleaning up after their pooches will be charged with a 120 dollar fine.  Fines will increase with continued offenses.  The condominium board is enforcing the new policy by requiring all dog owners to swab the inside of their pets cheek for D-N-A which is then shipped off and entered into a registry.

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  • Al P

    I always thought condos and HOAs were insane but, this is really getting up there. DNA testing is expensive. and you can bet the condo fee will rise yet again. Those little old ladies with not enough to do will be out looking for poop, measuring driveway width and citing potted plants with not enough water.

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