BB gun mistaken for a real handgun

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In Lancaster County, at the Stone-hill Apartments on Stonemill road, Police received a call about a man running around with an apparent handgun.

After searching the area when police arrived they located Nicholas Sapone, 18, holding what looked like a handgun. Police ordered Sapone to drop the weapon and he was taken into custody. Police later confirmed that the gun was a BB gun and that Sapone was running around playing in the neighborhood with a 15-year-old boy. The two boys were told the seriousness of their actions and Sapone has been charged with disorderly conduct because he alarmed the neighbors in the complex.


  • Yepp

    Isn't that headline backwards? It should say "BB gun mistaken for handgun". BB guns and other realistic toy guns are suposed to have an orange or bright green band at the tip of the barrel to indicate it is a toy to police.

  • Super User

    I have a semi auto BB gun I got from Walmart, no orange anywhere, looks real. If only it was 20 years ago I could play cops and robbers or indians and whatever without being charged

  • Kevin...

    I know I wasnt playing cops and robbers when I was 18. Not even 15. SO I wonder what was really going on….

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