Local News

Rabid raccoons on the rise in York County

A York County man is being treated for rabies.  A rabid raccoon is to blame for his frightening experience earlier this month.

Dick Stough has a lasting reminder of when a raccoon attacked him.

“He tried to grab onto my hand and I pulled back and he let go, blood everywhere,” says Stough.

The incident happened in the middle of the day, inside his home.

Stough says, “Come back across to this corner, I came here to get around him.  He went between here and the stereo and back out the door.”

Stough is being treated for rabies with 25 shots.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the number of raccoons testing positive for rabies in York County has doubled from four last year to eight this year.

Wildlife Officer, Steven Knickel says, “There’s been more human exposure so therefore more animals have been tested.”

With the number of raccoon sightings on the rise, there are things you can do so you don’t become a victim of an attack.  For one, keep your doors closed.

Knickel adds, “And if you do see it, maintain your distance.  As far as garbage, they will get into garbage, so keep a lid on it. If it’s a lid that’s lockable, lock the lid.”


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