Golf Tip of the Week: “Chipping”

Golf Tip of the Week: “Chipping”

We go to Outdoor Country Club in York County for the Sutliff Chevrolet FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  Joining us now is their head pro, Jason Gebhart.

Jason Gebhart, Outdoor CC Pro

“Today we are going to talk about chipping.  The chip shot is a shot when we are around the green that we are going to hit low to the ground and it will roll out like a putt.  We are going to try to minimize the air time and maximize the roll.  We are going to play this ball in the back of my stance.  My weight will be forward.  When I hit this it will be with very firm wrists so there will not be any wrist action and the ball will stay low and roll out like a putt.  Good shot.  Once again that’s a birdie.  So hopefully that will help you make bogeys into pars.”

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