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Teen heroes dealing with fame after rescuing abducted girl

For the first time, Chris Garcia, 13, one of two teens involved in finding a 5-year-old Lancaster Township girl who was abducted, is speaking up about his role in the rescue.

All parents hope their children do the right thing when they’re not around. Fortunately, the parents of Garcia and Temar Boggs, 15, have nothing to worry about.

The teenagers turned crime-fighting duo madeĀ  a split-second decision Thursday to follow a car on their bikes, after spotting a girl inside, whose mother reported her missing two hours earlier.

Manheim Township police said the girl had been abducted from outside of her Lancaster Township home two hours earlier.

“When me and Temar found her, I felt like it was like the best day of my life,” Garcia said. “Because I actually saved a life and I felt like I actually saved a really special person.”

The little girl is now safe with her family, and the boys remain humble, despite a surge of publicity that has put their names and faces in the most unexpected places.

“I was actually just told a couple of minutes ago that I’m in three newspapers in Europe,” Boggs said. “Just surreal I guess.”

“I’m proud of him that he’s a hero, but to me, he’s just my son,” said Tamika Boggs, Temar’s mother.

She is among the many in awe of what her son and Garcia did that day.

“What if they didn’t get there? What if they didn’t intercede everything?” she asked. “It could have gone a whole different way, so I’m thankful they were there for somebody else. Like I said, it was a remarkable thing they did.”

Though neither of the boys are interested in a law enforcement career, they said they’ll still be available when duty calls.

“Any day, if somebody really needs my help, I’ll just call up Temar and we could go help them,” Garcia said.

Police have identified a person of interest, who is currently in the Lancaster County Prison on a Megan’s Law violation.

A news conference is expected Tuesday to discuss this latest development in the case.


1 Comment to “Teen heroes dealing with fame after rescuing abducted girl”

    LTC(Ret) said:
    July 15, 2013 at 4:18 PM

    Well suited to shoulder the epaulet, both. Well done, fellows. Your Uncle Sam is proud of you!

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