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Two charged after child found living in ‘deplorable conditions’ in York County

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Rhonda Lawrence

Police in York County have charged two people with child endangerment after a child was found living in ‘deplorable’  conditions.

Rodney Lee Gabelli Jr., 32, and Rhonda Pauline Lawrence, 24, were each charged with endangering the welfare of a child after officers responded to a mobile home in Chesapeake Estates in Jackson Township for a report of a domestic disturbance on May 24.

After questioning the unruly pair–officers learned that Lawrence’s 5-year-old daughter was asleep in the trailer.

When officers made entry to the home, they say the smell was unbearable, court documents state. Further inspection of home revealed there was animal feces, cigarette butts, loose trash, spoiled food and several Tylenol pills scattered all over the floor.

Police found four chinchillas in three animal cages with food and feces scattered everywhere. A dog and cat were also in the home.

According to court records, the kitchen was in extreme disarray. Officers noted trash and dirty dishes was scattered over the kitchen area–with more trash and spoiled food piled on the countertops.

As investigators ventured into the hall way leading back to the bedrooms–they saw more trash and clothing strewn about.

Police soon learned that the little girl was asleep on a urine-stained mattress with no covers or sheets.

The child was taken by York County Children and Youth Services for placement.

The SPCA took custody of the animals.

Both Gabelli and Lawrence were taken into custody at the scene.

Gabelli is facing additional charges including aggravated assault, resisting arrest and public drunkenness. Lawrence was also charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

Gabelli posted $30,000 bail on May 24 and Lawrence posted $40,000 bail on May 31, according to court records.

A formal arraignment was held on July 12.


    • Ruthie

      Things are not always as they are reported Kevin. Believe it or not, the media is not always "correct" in what they report. I had a friend who has since passed on who had stories written about him prior to his death that had very few accurate accounts…right down to his proper name. I happen to know these people and they are good people who had a really bad run for a month or two and made some mistakes. Yea, this article does not cover the truth. Amazing how different perspectives are. I've been in their home and it was clean and animals and child were all well taken care of and loved.

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