Harrisburg Rallies for Trayvon Martin

Today marks one week since a Florida jury found George Zimmerman not guilty.

More than 100 cities across the nation rallied Saturday for civil rights charges to be brought against Zimmerman.

But people in Harrisburg want state legislators to stand with them.

Hundreds of people pack Walnut Street…

“What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”

…with a new sense of pride after President Obama addressed the nation on Friday about the pain among the African American community.

“It could have been your son, it could have been your nephew,” says Harrisburg Mayor, Linda Thompson.

The signs that people are holding are more than just words, it’s a symbol of courage for people in Harrisburg to keep fighting for what they believe is injustice.

“I understand the verdict and I accept the verdict but it’s bigger than that,” says Ed Noon of Harrisburg.

Noon says change starts with the law.

“We’re not in Sanford, Florida, but we’re in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and enough is enough.

Those rallying want their message to resonate throughout the Capitol building.

“We are also today calling on our state legislature and legislators to eliminate the shoot first laws,” says Thompson.

Mayor Thompson wants lawmakers to repeal the shoot first law which allows a person to use deadly force if they feel their own life is in danger.

“Until we challenge that there is no peace and justice in America,” says Thompson.

She believes it would put a stop to gun violence, especially in the capital city.

“In the name and the sake of Trayvon Martin, put your guns away,” says Thompson.

Mary Ann Tatara taught in the city for more than a decade.

She’s here today to stop Pennsylvania from becoming the next example.

“I taught many Trayvon’s I worked at an inner city school and the fact that any of my students could of been Trayvon, the fact that any of them could’ve been killed for being black and carrying skittles is horrific to me,” says Tatara.