What do you have to lose? Week 3: An Unhappy Customer

fruitMcCall’s Blog:

It has been fourteen days and the Garcinia Cambogia diet pills are not living up to the hype. I knew starting these pills, there would be very little chance they would work but nonetheless it is frustrating.

I had my second visit to Dr. Drake DeHart’s office and I was shocked. I had not only gained four ounces but my blood pressure was higher this time around.

I was surprised because this past week, I didn’t have much of an appetite and I had actually been eating more healthy than usual. Dr. DeHart recommends to eat a breakfast with more protein and eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.

But timeout here!

The whole selling point to these pills was that I wouldn’t have to adjust my diet or eating habits. Doc also asked if I was experiencing any mood swings….Yes, I have but its only the anger stemming from what seems to be false advertisement.

Maybe things will improve before the next visit in two weeks. Happy or unhappy dieting !!