Armed man, shot and killed by police


A 20-year-old Berks County man was shot and killed by police Saturday evening.

According police, Jonathan Rutkowski, 20, of Wernersville, was spotted walking down East Washington Avenue, in Wernersville, Berks County, with two guns in the waist of his pants.

Still walking, police approached Rutkowski on Church street and asked him to drop his weapons. Rutkowski pointed the guns at the officers and took off running, police said.

After a chase on foot and with multiple police department vehicles now following him, police finally caught up with him and again he pointed the guns at the police.

Investigators say the Rutkowski dropped to his knees while continuing to point the guns at the police.

Officers advised the suspect again to put down his weapons, Rutkowski did not listen, that’s when officers shot and killed the him at the scene.