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Teen driver trapped in wrecked SUV for 18 hours,

An 18 year old Lancaster County teenager survives being trapped in her wrecked SUV for 18 hours. West Hempfield Township Police say that sometime between 11 pm and 11:30 pm Saturday night the eastbound SUV in the 4400 block of Marietta Avenue, Route 23, for unknown reasons crossed over the center line into the westbound lane. The vehicle struck a guide wire for a PPL pole, went airborne for 20 feet and went down a culvert.


The 2002 Dodge Durango, hit the culvert headon and flipped over onto its roof, pinning the driver, 18 year old Brooke Spence, of Mount Joy in the driver’s seat. Thick under brush effectively blocked sick of the wreckage from the roadway.


The next day at about 5:07 Sunday night, 49 year old Brad Shearer, who lives in a home along the roadway, noticed a glint in brush. He had heard the noise the night before but didn’t see any vehicle. When he looked into the brush and saw Brooke trapped inside the SUV he called 911.

Shearer stayed with Spence, who was conscious, until emergency crews arrived. She was removed and taken to Lancaster General Hospital.


2 Comments to “Teen driver trapped in wrecked SUV for 18 hours,”

    MyTakeOnIt said:
    July 29, 2013 at 10:01 PM

    "Unknown reasons" is always suspicious to me. Considering the "text generation", check her cell records to rule out that as a reason.

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