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Police: No trespassing in Prospect Hill Cemetery

Vandals Topple Head Stones in Northern York County Cemetery

Northern York County Regionsl Police are reminding people that Prospect Hill Cemetery, located at 700 N. George St. York, PA is closed from dusk until dawn. The notice against criminal trespass to the cemetery is posted at the entrances to the cemetery. Due to vandalism at the cemetery, police patrol and charge the actors found inside the cemetery with criminal trespass for violating cemetery rules. Early this morning,  around 3:00 am, a concerned citizen called police to report seeing people walking inside the cemetery. Police say the actors were in their late teens. It is unknown why the three females and three males were inside the cemetery. The adult actors were cited for criminal trespass and released. The juvenile teens were cited and released to a responsible adult.


1 Comment to “Police: No trespassing in Prospect Hill Cemetery”

    Ernie said:
    July 31, 2013 at 2:13 PM

    Does all the dead people buried there have to leave by 10 ? If they don't leave that's a
    lot of tickets for the police to have to write.

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