Simon Cowell is expecting a baby with who??

Simon Cowell wears many hats in the entertainment industry- but could the talent scout soon be taking on a whole new responsibility?

US Weekly reports Simon Cowell is expecting a baby…with his close friend’s wife!
The expectant mother – New York socialite Lauren Silverman.
Silverman is technically still married to Cowell’s friend, real estate mogul Andrew Silverman, but she reportedly plans to leave him to be with Cowell.
A source tells US Weekly that Silverman is ten weeks along -but isn’t disclosing any other details.


    • Joe

      Men don't have tubes tied. They have the vas deferens restricted. That is called a vasectomy. Women have their fillopian tubes restricted. That is a tubal ligation. As to Cowell. I could not care less if or how he did it and Ms. Silverman, whomever the heck that is, is equally not on my radar screen. BTW, generic use of "doctors" is not written in initial caps.

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