Restaurant bans young kids after 7 p.m.

no kids(CNN) — A Houston seafood restaurant has a new rule some parents find fishy! Beginning Tuesday, August 6th, young children are not allowed inside the restaurant after 7:00 p.m.

Those looking to grab a bite at La Fisheria after 7:00 p.m. better leave the kids at home! The restaurant’s new policy is posted at the front door, and online.

“If I had kids under nine, I definitely wouldn’t support them because I believe that family should be able to eat together,” one person said.

There are those who feel the new rule will push families to eat elsewhere.

“You know, if it’s not kid friendly it’s probably not a good place for kids to be,” another person said.

While asking around, there were no shortage of people applauding the restaurant!

“We just went to three restaurants trying to have breakfast and left two because there were two dang many kids,” Becky Pickens said.

Pickens says she wouldn’t mind if La Fisheria banned children all together, and she isn’t alone.

La Fisheria says it welcomes kids, and even offers a separate kids’ menu — but simply asks that restaurant-goers be over eight years old after 7:00 p.m.

Mexican reality TV star and Executive Chef Aquiles Chavez says the feedback has been mostly positive, and says those who are initially turned off by the rule have been understanding.

“When we’ve explained, they say you have your right because it means at the end of the day you are thinking about us,” Chavez said.