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Would you rather be overweight or debt free?

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A new survey shows that given the choice, most of us would rather be thin given the choice between gaining 25 pounds and keeping their current debt.

In a survey of 2 thousand people, nearly 75 percent of people say they’d prefer to keep their current debt, than gain the weight and be completely debt free.

So, it looks like Americans care more about their looks than their debt!  25 pounds is a lot to lose, but swimming in debt is hard to get our of too.  What do you think?  Would you rather be debt free and have weight to lose, or be thin and broke?

Credit Karma, a personal finance company, surveyed 2,021 Americans in June to come up with the findings.

To see the full findings of the survey, click here.


  • JQP1122

    I've been both overweight and in debt. And having gone through each coming out the other side thin, fit and thankful to a few smart investments now debt free (excluding mortgage) I can honestly say that I would prefer to be THIN.

    You can hide debt if need be and although debt can be stressful it pales in comparison to the depression and low self esteem that often accompanies being overweight.

  • Christie33

    I cannot say exactly but I should say that being overweight or in debt is quite hard and people should go through everything. We should remember that all this makes stress on us and taking out some extra cash from http://www.cashloansonlinefast.com/ for instance, we all should understand that there is always a fear of inability of money repayment. I think, I should rather be overweight. I guess so.

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