Menopause the Musical preview

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Fox43 WPMT’s Melanie Orlins is at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre with a preview of “Menopause the Musical”


The hit show, Menopause The Musical, has inspired women across the nation for over a decade.

And now it’s available for people to see here in Central Pennsylvania.


The show first started in 2001 and it’s been such a big hit that the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre in Lancaster County had to extend the performances an entire week.

It’s a cast of four women that perform to an audience that can completely relate to them.


Hot flashes, night sweats, chocolate binges.. you name it, they sing about it.


“We’ve heard tons of customers say sitting here watching the musical, and seeing all these different symptoms, knowing that I’m not alone and that it’s normal to go through these things, that I’m not crazy,” says Abbey Palutis, The Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre’s PR Manager.


The musical has a fun beat that makes it easy to sing along to and follow the story.


“They’re all familiar songs from the 50s through the 90s,” says actress, Eleonore Thomas.


This type of musical is one the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre has never had before.

And, although the show is based on the late stages of womanhood, it attracts men, too.


“It’s fun for men too, because they get to understand they go through the change as well with their wives so they get to laugh about it with them and it’s just such a fun great show,” says Palutis.


If you’re interested in going to see the show, it costs $52 dollars for dinner and the musical.

You can get tickets by visiting or by calling 717-898-1900.