Police: 24-year-old woman overdoses on heroin in Burger King parking lot

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24-year-old woman overdoses on heroin in Burger King parking lot.

Around 5:30pm  Thursday evening police were called to the Burger King parking lot in Lemoyne for a possible cardiac arrest. When they arrived they found Anna Elizabeth Spittler, 24, in the parking lot where she had overdosed on heroin while in control of her vehicle, police say.

A Burger King manager says a customer alerted him to the situation. The manager says he attempted CPR while waiting for emergency crews.

Spittler was transported to Harrisburg Hospital for evaluation and also submitted a legal blood test, police say. After she was released from the hospital, she was transported to Cumberland County Prison.

Police say she is charged with DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia.


  • hop

    If there was actually "help" for these people instead of throwing them in psych wards at hospital to detox then sending them to jail. No local health facilities seem to have this program or help because they can't make any $$ (although they claim non profit). No, she SHOULD NOT have been driving and doing heroin. Could have taken a whole family out. But there needs to be help for people with addictions as most don't have insurance or only have medicaid and no addiction facility will accept those options.

    • MyTakeOnIt

      How does a free choice to knowingly screw up your own life become a responsibility of the rest of us to solve? Society can offer help but cannot force it. We cannot feel bad for those who make these bad choices but we do have a responsibility to remove them from harming others first and themselves second (not in the sense of taking over their problem).

    • Ashley

      The people replying to this comment MUST be right in line with their governor! The man wants to turn PA into a prison state…one shut down school at a time!

  • carl j hall

    Sometimes jail is the only answer! You cannot help someone who does not want help. Negative consequences will eventually lead to enough unmanageability in the addicts life that they desire change. Until then the only option is consequences! Sometimes the bottom is death. Its sad but true!

  • jess

    This is just sad addiction is a disease and our government treats it like a criminal problem. Yes what she did was wrong but throwing her in prison will never fix the problem. She needs help and the government needs to wake up and stop overcrowding our prisons and wasting billions of dollars of our tax money on a war on drugs that does not work

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