Local News

Top 10 endangered artifacts

Pennsylvania’s top ten endangered artifacts announced at the governor’s residence today.
Representatives from museums and historical societies across the state met with first lady Susan Corbett.
The “conservation center for art and historic artifacts” created a unique online campaign to help preserve PA’s top ten historical items.
Among the artifacts — a wig worn by Thaddeus Stevens who was instrumental in abolishing slavery and recently featured in Steven Spielberg’s movie “Lincoln.”
The center created a website for people to vote, share, and donate money for their favorite items.
Barry Rauhauser says, “Very fortunate to have these institutions in our state caring for the objects and delivering high quality programs and services to their community.”  “It’s rare that you get an opportunity to kind of showcase an object and raise some funding for its conservation especially an unusual object like a wig.”
Other artifacts in the top ten include the oldest butterfly specimens in the Americas, a 16th century bible, and garments from the 18*hundreds.
Information on how to vote for your favorite artifact click here.


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