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Attempted kidnapping suspect sought

William Daniels mug 1

(News Release from Chambersburg Police Department) At 7:54 am the Chambersburg Police Department responded to 125 S. Main St for a disturbance call. At that time they found that an attempted kidnapping had occurred at that location. Information was developed on a possible suspect at that time. At 11:00 am. in the area of Hollywell and Dump Road  Police attempted to take a suspect into custody that may have been involved in this incident. The suspect fled on foot and police officers tried to contain the suspect in the immediate area.

Other police agencies including the Pennsylvania State Police and Franklin County Sherriff’s office assisted with the search. Maryland State Police also responded with their Air Unit when it was determined the suspect might have fled into a wooded area. CASHS school district was notified so they could lock down Stevens School which is in the area of the where the suspect was last seen on foot. At approximately 1330 hrs. the search was called off after the suspect was not located. During this investigation a handgun was recovered.

Suspect has been identified as Williams Daniels. Last known address is 2276 50th St. SW. Naples Florida, 34116. He is a Black male, Haitian decent, 5-8, approx. 160 lbs. wearing a white t-shirt , blue jeans and sneakers. Suspect has cornrow hairstyle that is collar length. Police are obtaining a warrant for the suspect charging him with Attempted Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault and possible other charges. Investigation continues.


1 Comment to “Attempted kidnapping suspect sought”

    LTC(Ret) said:
    September 26, 2013 at 7:20 AM

    Fox43 should not try to mix standard and military time. It is either 11:00 am or 1100. There is no such thing as 1100 am hrs.

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