Local News

Area volunteers feed impoverished families in Lancaster County

“Feed the Children” has a mission to help those families living in poverty.

According to Census Bureau, nearly 18% of people impoverished in 2012 in Lancaster County were children.

On Thursday, 400 boxes filled with perishable goods and household items will help out 1600 people in Lancaster County.  The 15-pound boxes are designed to help feed a family of four for up to a week.

Adam Culliton is a lead volunteer with Gunterberg Charitable Foundation.  His charity sponsors the box distribution at the Amvets Post 19, in Lancaster.  He says 1 in 6 children in Lancaster County are impoverished.

Culliton says, “They can be any of us, most people are just 1, 2, 3 paychecks away from being in line from the truck, it’s really a difficult situation.”

As Louree Justee approaches her box, appreciation grows.  She says, “This is really a blessing, very nice, very special.”

A majority of neighbors drive through the line to pick up their boxes…some are welcomed by foot.

Customer, Deshera Moorehead, says, “It feels so good that they’re doing this for the people who need it.”

For volunteers like Culliton, the feeling’s mutual.


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